The Carbon Block™ network is made up of several groups of participants, all of whom share the goal of reducing GHG emissions.


Customers on the Carbon Block™ network are buyers of carbon offsets. Customers are corporations seeking compliance grade, carbon offsets audited to the highest ISO standard. Carbon Block’s™ customers can be assured they are buying a high-quality offset from a reputable source. Since all the carbon offset information is contained within the blockchain, customers buying a Carbon Block™ offset can see for themselves where the offset came from and can trust that no one else is also claiming credit for that offset.


Merchants on the network are sellers of carbon offsets. Merchants are typically utilities, governments, and large corporations who make difficult investments in decarbonisation. When these investments are structured properly, they meet the stringent criteria to become a carbon offset ready for sale on the carbon markets. The Carbon Block™ network reduces the financial limitations associated with decarbonisation activities, allowing them to continue or speed up.


Carbon Broker’s play a critical role in the Carbon Block™ network. The brokers provide customers and/or merchants access to the network, and work with them to ensure their needs are being met. Brokers are a trusted party in the network as they ensure 1) merchants are following the necessary steps during the creation of a carbon offsets, and 2) customers can, and do, make payment for carbon offsets they receive. The broker provides all the necessary on-boarding services to both merchants and customers and is there to address any questions or concerns you may have about the Carbon Block™ network.

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