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Carbon Block™ technology is focused on the decarbonization of developed economies.

Decarbonization represents reducing GHG emissions while continuing economic growth, or ‘doing more with less carbon’.

A carbon credit is a tradeable permit or certificate that provides the holder of the credit the right to emit one ton of carbon dioxide or an equivalent of another greenhouse gas. A carbon offset in its simplest form is an investment in decarbonization made by one entity for which the credit is claimed by another.  Carbon offsets must meet six (6) requirements: Measurable Results, Prevent Leakage, Additionality, Permanence, Protocols, Validated and Verified.

Transportation,  Energy, Agriculture, and Forests

Carbon Offsets are measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). One tonne of carbon offset represents the reduction of one tonne of carbon dioxide, or it is equivalent in other greenhouse gases.

Voluntary markets function outside of compliance markets and enable companies and individuals to purchase carbon offsets on a voluntary basis with no intended use for compliance purposes. Compliance markets are created and regulated by mandatory national, regional, or international carbon reduction regimes.

Putting a price on carbon is essential to drive the technological and behavioral innovation necessary to limit climate change. Market-based instruments, such as cap-and-trade emission trading schemes, are crucial to price carbon emissions and keep the costs of climate action low. A cap-and-trade scheme enables emitters to trade allowances for the right to emit up to their allowed limit or ‘cap’.

Containing patent-pending technology, the Carbon Oracle™ is the sensor that gathers real-world data, converts it to a carbon offset, and stamps it on the blockchain. It is a dedicated piece of hardware that helps buyers and sellers of carbon offsets be certain they are interacting with the highest quality piece of carbon offset data available anywhere.

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