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Contact Us Carbon Block™ believes in using technological and capital market innovations to reduce pollution and maintain economic growth.

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Carbon Block recognizes that there are many stakeholders in the Carbon Markets. From funding agencies who incentivize decarbonization behaviors, to regulators who enforce legislation, decarbonization projects desiring access to the funding provided by the carbon markets, through to the buyers of carbon offsets who want to ensure their purchases are creating a better future for all of us.


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Carbon Economy Reimagined


Decarbonize the global economy by enabling the frictionless, secure, and trusted trading of carbon assets.


Generate the highest quality and most reputable carbon offsets available globally.


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Carbon Block is the most cost-effective onramp to the carbon markets. Whether you want to purchase carbon offsets for regulatory compliance or ESG goals, or you want to make investments in decarbonization, Carbon Block is your best partner. Reducing costs associated with the verification audit puts more money in your pocket, and allows for more carbon offsets to be brought to market. In our minds the quicker we can connect corporate dollars with projects that reduce GHG emissions, the better.

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The management team has over 35 years of combined experience in the cleantech and financial markets. Having achieved the #1 market share in Manitoba’s solar sector serial entrepreneurs, Alex Stuart & Justin Phillips built their business to over 20MM in sales and over 30 employees.

Alex Stuart

President & Founder

Justin Phillips

Vice President & Founder

Peter Moreira

Chief Financial Officer

Dan Dickout

Director of Technology

Bernal D.Santos

UI/UX Developer

Coraline Mariolle

Research Analyst

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To achieve net zero, (companies) will need to decarbonize, and many will need to offset some emissions as part of the transition, creating a surge in demand for offsets…. But in order to meet growing demand for offsets, current private sector carbon markets would need to grow by at least 15-fold on today’s levels, potentially reaching up to 160 times bigger.

By 2030 Microsoft will be carbon negative, and by 2050 Microsoft will remove from the environment all the carbon the company has emitted either directly or by electrical consumption since it was founded in 1975.

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