Transacting in Carbon

Are you sure the offsets you are buying will be accepted by your regulator or ESG stakeholders?

Standard disclosures

Carbon Block believes Carbon Offsets require all the standard disclosures and transparency that go into making a financial product legitimate. For too long, Carbon Offsets have not been easy to understand, evaluate, or price, and Carbon Block’s approach changes all of that. If you are in the market to buy carbon offsets or have a project / technology that reduces GHG emissions, Carbon Block makes it easy to interact with the carbon markets.


Did you know carbon offsets come in different varieties? At their core, carbon offsets all represent one tonne of C02e avoided or sequestered yet there are several different ways to achieve this objective. For example, a carbon offset could be created from switching gas-powered vehicles with electric ones, or from replacing coal electricity with renewables + energy storage. The point is, give some thought to the kind of carbon offset you want your dollars going to support.


Carbon Block recognizes that there are many stakeholders in the Carbon Markets. From funding agencies who incentivize decarbonization behaviours, to regulators who enforce legislation, decarbonization projects desiring access to the funding provided by the carbon markets, through to the buyers of carbon offsets who want to ensure their purchases are creating a better future for all of us.

Carbon Block Advantage

Carbon Block’s pricing structure ensures the majority of the value of the carbon offset is returned to whoever paid for the decarbonization in the first place. This initial investor could be a farmer who changed their cultivation practices, to a government agency providing a purchase rebate to install solar arrays.

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