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Published on : August 11, 2020

Carbon Block™ Selected to Participate in the North Forge Founders Program

Winnipeg, MB, Canada – August 10th, 2020 – Carbon Block™, a SaaS company developing blockchain solutions for the carbon markets, announced their acceptance into the 2020/2021 Ascent Founders Program with North Forge Technology Exchange.

The Carbon Block™ team is very excited to have been selected to be part of the 2020-21 cohort in the North Forge Founders Program. ‘Being accepted into the North Forge Ascent program will continue to accelerate our growth. Having a program that can connect us with governments, funding sources, and subject matter experts is invaluable as we continue to innovate in the carbon markets,” says Alex, Stuart, President & CEO.

About Carbon Block™

Carbon Block™ uses patent pending technology to automate the environmental audit in order to create high-quality, compliance grade ISO compliant environmental audits. Their first application is to create carbon offsets where the traditional manual environmental audit would be cost prohibitive. Enabling environmental compliance, while connecting investment to decarbonisation activities is a win-win-win for regulators along with buyers and sellers of carbon offsets.

About the North Forge Technology Exchange

North Forge Technology Exchange is a non-profit organization that helps lower the cost and risk of innovation by curating resources for start-ups. The North Forge Founders Program, an incubator/accelerator program, connects tech founders with access to a vast network of mentors, subject matter experts, and investors. The Founders Program is designed to help any business reach its next stage, whether that’s scaling-up or starting-up. Click the link to learn more about North Forge Founders Program

All media inquiries may be sent to:

Justin Phillips, VP Marketing & Business Development

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