Renewable Energy

Fossil fuel-based electricity is a major source of global GHG emissions. Renewable energy represents a massive opportunity to decarbonize the electrical sector. Unfortunately, renewable energy alone cannot meet our electricity needs because they are intermittent, i.e., solar panels don’t produce at night. Thankfully, electrical storage is advancing quickly, making Renewables + Storage a viable alternative to carbon-intensive electricity.

Carbon Block’s™ technology automates the process of generating carbon offsets from renewables and energy storage projects. Through the use of on-site hardware, Carbon Block captures data and processes it into carbon offsets ready for sale on the carbon market, or for submission to a regulator.

Carbon Block™ can serve large scale developers of renewable energy and storage projects, the rapidly expanding commercial/industrial, and residential sectors. With our unique programs, Carbon Block™ works with utilities and governments who want to offer a financial incentive to decarbonize. Carbon Block™ assists in structuring the project so the government’s or utility’s investments are recovered via the carbon markets through the sale of valuable carbon offsets.

Partnering with the public sector to ensure effective, permanent, and additional decarbonization occurs is the fastest way to take carbon out of the electricity sector.

Renewable Energy

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