Bringing Carbon To The Markets

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Carbon BlockTM is committed to bringing carbon pricing to the markets via the technological advancements of the Blockchain. We believe the single largest barrier to widespread adoption of carbon credits is the friction in the creation and retirement of carbon credits. Carbon BlockTM insures your dollars are actually reducing carbon emissions.

Why Carbon BlockTM

Carbon BlockTM uses patent pending hardware called the Carbon OracleTM to audit the energy production of solar arrays and write this information to a distributed ledger. By measuring solar energy production in real time, we can assign a carbon value to the energy, and produce carbon credits that can be traded on a block chain using Blockchain EnabledTM technology.

Audit-grade Carbon Credits

The majority of solar energy producers are not big enough to pay for an expensive environmental audit to certify their carbon credits. Carbon BlockTM ensures even small solar producers receive audit-grade certificates for their carbon credits. Buyers of these certified credits can be certain their dollars are legitimately reducing carbon emissions.

Leverage existing renewable energy assets

What if you could add another revenue stream to your solar array? If the only thing your solar array is doing is reducing your utility bill you are missing out. Considering installing a solar array? Carbon BlockTM wants to partner with you to bring you extra revenue and improve the return on investment for your solar array.

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